Saturday, February 5, 2011

Salman wants to let Katrina go

There is a lot of ambiguity about when Bollywood’s most desirable woman Katrina Kaif and her boyfriend Salman Khan called it splits.

One of the reasons for this confusion is because this time around, Alpha-male Salman didn’t react to their parting as he has done in the past.

On earlier occasions when Salman split with his girlfriends, Somy Ali or Aishwarya Rai, the star usually made a public display of his displeasure.

This time he is all quiet and dignified; in fact he hasn’t even shown his remorse to anyone except to very close family and one friend.

Bollywood waited with bated breath for Salman to pour a soft drink in public over Katrina’s head or go below her Bandra home and holler, but the actor has chosen to maintain a safe distance from Katrina. As a result with each passing day there is a lot of curiosity building up.

Says a top actress, “Even now people are wondering if Kat and Salman are together. Or has she really moved on?” In answer to this, an insider told us, “Salman knows that Katrina has moved on. However, he has decided not to react. He just wants to let go.”

One hears from close sources that Salman’s closest friend and adviser, who is also Katrina’s agent, and a couple of family members have reportedly advised the actor not to speak about their split.

The insider says, “Katrina and Salman sat down and spoke about their moving on like two mature individuals would.

Both of them are riding a wave of super-success and they have decided to maintain a dignified silence on the whole split issue.

Both are intelligent and they know that any tamasha would tarnish their images and take away from their brand equity.

In fact this time Salman has endeared himself to the public even more because of the mature manner in which he has conducted himself.”


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