Friday, February 18, 2011

Hollywood : Paris announces new album on birthday

Socialite Paris Hilton made her birthday celebrations more special with the announcement that her new album will be released “in the next few months”.

The heiress, who turned 30 yesterday, said she is keeping quiet on the album`s details but insisted that the record will hit shelves within the next few months, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Hilton confirmed that she is currently working with numerous collaborators and producers but wants to keep their identities “a surprise”.

Her 2006 debut album `Paris` was met with lukewarm reviews and underwhelming sales, however, the record did spawn one hit single, `Stars Are Blind`.

Before releasing the currently untitled second album, Hilton will first concentrate on her new show `The World According to Paris`, which follows the reality star as she turns 30.

The series will also cover Hilton`s 200 hours of community service that she was forced to do after pleading guilty to two misdemeanour charges in 2010


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