Friday, February 18, 2011

Bollywood : Shahrukh, Salman at loggerheads again

MUMBAI: Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan haven't been on talking terms since Katrina's birthday party in 2008 and it seems the fight will not end.

Imran Khan's wedding bash is indeed a testimony to this fact.

It is, indeed, very interesting to note that no actor has sounded apologetic about his behaviour and are firm on their stance of not talking to each other.

Aamir Khan's invitation to both the warring Khans meant at least a mere chance for the actors to bond yet again. But the actors were stubborn and defiant that it's hard to spot any chance of them reuniting.

Salman Khan entered the bash at around 11:45 to bless the wedding couple Imran and Avantika with brother Sohail Khan. Alas, his exit was as sudden and quick as his entry. In fact he was nowhere to be seen when SRK entered the premises.

The industry is murmuring about another loss of opportunity in burying the hatchet between the two. So, it remains to be seen whether the Khans would be together yet again in the future.


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