Monday, February 14, 2011

Bollywood Rani ignores filmmaker Yash Chopra

Rani Mukerji and filmmaker Yash Chopra crossed each other’s path over three times during a recent award ceremony but chose to avoid each other. The actress, whose last film with the Yash Raj banner was ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ opposite Shahid Kapoor has kept herself away from the filmmaker’s gang since then.

Buzz has it that Rani, who is seeing Chopra’s son divorcee son Aditya , did not even acknowledge the veteran filmmaker’s presence at his studio, where the Award ceremony was being held.

While narrating the incident to a tabloid, an eye witness revealed, “Everyone who walked past Yash Chopra spoke to him with utmost respect. Even those who saw him at a distance went up to him and greeted him. However, Rani did not make any such efforts.”

“She arrived at the function a bit late but she passed by Chopra at least twice, without looking at him even once. Moreover, both Rani and Chopra were standing quite close to each other at the bar area, where they had a good chance to mingle but they didn’t. While leaving, Rani kissed a few colleagues goodbye and left with a friend,”the eye witness added.

Considering the fact that Chopra is senior to Rani both literally and otherwise, the actress could have initiated the talks. Even Chopra thought it was best to avoid her. “Yes, but Yashji is a very senior man in the industry. Ideally, Rani should have taken the initiative. All said and done, everyone present at the function was quite shocked at her behaviour”, said the eye witness.

The Chopras believe that Rani is responsible for breaking their son, Aditya’s marriage to Pamela. So they have been maintaining a safe distance from her. They have also not been to accept Rani in Aditya’s life as they still love their daughter-in-law Pamela.


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